Tools and Downloads

The following tools and downloads are provided to help ensure consistent execution of the Purdue brand. Most of these tools are available without a charge-back to any group that partners with Purdue Marketing and Media.

Digital Marketing Tools


Bitly provides branded URL shortening and link tracking for use in both digital and print campaigns. Bitly can be used as a stand alone tool to generate campaign specific links. Our account is also integrated with SocialStudio to automate branded URLs in our social media posts.


BrightEdge’s SEO platform is powered by a sophisticated AI and machine-learning engine. Because it crawls the web and collects first-party data, it is the only enterprise SEO company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of digital content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social and mobile.
Charge-back: $9,000 per year

BrightEdge Login


Delivra is the official email marketing platform supported by Purdue Marketing and Media. Delivra is also whitelisted by ITaP for consistent email delivery.

Delivra Login

Email Signatures

Update your Outlook® to the new brand standard. The web development team has created an email signature generator so everyone has a consistent look.

Sigstr — Does a majority of your email go to individuals outside of Purdue, to individuals that you would like to provide with marketing messages? We have partnered with Sigstr to provide email campaign signatures directly from Outlook. Contact your marketing strategist to learn more.

Sigstr Login


LucidPress allows you to build brochures, flyers and posters from predefined, branded templates that can easily be printed or sent to Xerox. The University has a limited number of licenses, so if you would like access to the system you can request a license through the marketing request form. See below for a sample template.

LucidPress Flyer Template Screenshot


SocialStudio is part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and allows for centralized management of social media platforms. This is a new platform being offered by Purdue Marketing and Media, and is the replacement for Hootsuite.

SocialStudio Login

Photo Library

The photo library is available via PhotoShelter. For more information on photo usage review the visual guidelines.