Community Resources

Help us Protect Purdue and our community. Use the downloads and printable resources below to show your support and help keep our Purdue community healthy and safe. 

Visit Protect Purdue for the latest updates, guidance and FAQs.

Additional resources for our campus communicators can be found on our Brand site.

Yard Signs

Protect Purdue Yard Signs-01
Protect Purdue Yard Signs-02
Protect Purdue Yard Signs-03
Protect Purdue Yard Signs-04
Protect Purdue Yard Signs-05
Protect Purdue Yard Signs-06


I Pledge To Protect Purdue Poster
Protecting Our Community Together Poster
Protecting Our Purdue Community Together Poster
Together We Will Protect Purdue Poster

Web Banner Graphics

Banner Graphic JP Together BW
Banner Graphic JP Protecting Community
Banner Graphic BlockP Together BW
Banner Graphic Block P Protecting Community