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Lima Gray

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  • College and Schools of Engineering (ENG) (ENGS)
  • College of Science (COS)
  • Graduate School (GRA)
  • Information Technology at Purdue (ITAP)
  • Libraries and School of Information Studies (LIB)
    • Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Office of Executive VP and Treasurer (OEVPT)
    • Bursar
    • Physical Facilities
    • Police/Fire

Jamie Ingersoll

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  • College of Education (EDU)
  • College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS)
  • College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
  • College of Veterinary Medicine (VET)
  • Division of Diversity and Inclusion (DDI)
    • All cultural centers
  • Enrollment Management
    • Admissions (ADM)
    • Financial Aid (FIN)
    • ISS Admissions (ADM)
    • Registrar (REG)
  • Office of the President

Lauren Motuliak

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  • College of Pharmacy (PHA)
  • Honors College (PRV)
  • Krannert School of Management (KRN)
  • Office of Executive VP of Research and Partnerships (EVPRP)
    • Discovery Park
    • Manufacturing Extension Partnership
    • Office of Corporate and Global Partnerships
      • Intl. Programs/Study Abroad
  • Office of the Provost (PRV)
    • Office of Engagement
      • Conferences (CONF)
    • Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
    • Vice Provost for Student Life
  • Purdue Research Foundation (PRF)
    • Discovery Park District
    • University Development Office
  • Purdue Polytechnic Institute (PPI)


Kati Pratt
Director of Brand and Marketing Strategy


Olivia Sarault
Assistant Director, Design

Digital Marketing

Abby Eddy
Assistant Director of Digital Engagement

Marketing Leadership

Ethan Braden
Senior Vice President, Communications

Chris Carrel
Director of Digital Marketing and IT

Kelly Hiller
Director of Marketing Operations

Kati Pratt
Director of Brand and Marketing Strategy