Purdue Brand Guide

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We don’t need a brand.

We already have a logo — we actually have a bunch of logos. We already have colors, tons of colors. We have at least fifteen different shades of gold.

And didn’t we already do this? Didn’t we just have that 150 Years of Giant Leaps? That’s our brand, right?

Because that built some momentum. That got us all speaking with one voice. We should build on that. We should do something like that, but get even more people excited about it.

Something like that, bringing in science and engineering and everything else we’re good at. Something like that, but that keeps going. Something like that, but even more.

More lasting. More inclusive. More personal. More collaborative.

We don’t need a brand. We need a better way of telling our story. Something that tells the world about Purdue.

We already have great stories. How can we get them out there? How can we get people to pay attention to them? How can we get people to remember them? How do we make people care?

And how do we get credit for everything that happens here? How do we find one way to talk about the millions of things we do here? How do we get everybody at Purdue on board?

We don’t need a brand, we need consistency. We need a way to make everything look and sound like it’s coming from the same place.

One consistent identity. One consistent voice. At least one thing that’s consistent.

What if we had that? What if we had one big idea?

We don’t need a brand. We need answers.

What if we had answers to all the big questions — What do we stand for? Why do we exist? What’s our one thing? Why do we matter? Why should people care?

And while we’re at it, what if we had what we really need? A way to make all our jobs easier. A smarter way to connect all the different things we do. A simpler way to tell the stories that make Purdue, Purdue. Together.

That’s what we really need. We don’t need all that other stuff.

What we need is a brand.

Throughout our history, generations of Boilermakers have left their mark. In small steps and giant leaps.

And today, we continue in those footsteps. Because the world still faces tough challenges. The adventure still lies ahead. So we keep learning. We keep going.

We keep going with every tiny epiphany that comes from the thrill of discovery. We keep going with each unexpected realization that uncovers new knowledge and possibility. We keep going because it’s what keeps us going. Persistent in our pursuit of innovation, again and again and again.

We leave nothing untried, nothing untested, and nothing undone.

It’s why we work harder here. Why we strive to be our best so we can become the best. Because we are the instigators of progress. It’s what we live for. And it’s what we’re here for.

Always, always, taking the next step, together. Because every giant leap starts with one small step.